Cursed Tablet of The Island of Jersey

According to the Jersey Evening Post, on mid July 2017, Ken Rive, a metal detectorist found a mysterious tiny tablet in a field in the Saint Brélade parish of Jersey. Robert Waterhouse, field archaeologist for the Société Jersiaise, which is now in possession of the tablet, said it is believed to date back to between the 1st and 3rd Century AD. The faded brown parcel, which is folded at both ends, is believed to be a curse tablet – a means favoured by the Romans for either encouraging good fortune or heaping misery on an enemy. But the curse – and the identity of the intended target – could remain a mystery.

The process was simple – inscribe the name of the recipient on the lead, along with a description of the required action, fold over the edges and bury it underground or toss it into a well. Often, the tablets would ask the gods or spirits to intervene to bring about happier times. But they were also used to try to bring misfortune a foe.

A number of curse tablets previously found in Greece centred on court cases, often wishing that the opposing party fluffed their performance in court or collapsed.


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Ancient SIberian Mummy Covered in Copper

Two mummies were discovered near Salekhard in Russia’s far north at the Zeleniy Yar burial site, a medieval archaeological site containing dozens of graves. So far, two of the these strange new mummies have been discovered: an adult of unusually tall stature, and a child estimated to be no older than six months old.  They were covered in copper, the adult having been plated from head to toe, while the baby’s was covered in fragments of a copper kettle. Preliminary dating suggests the individuals were buried around 1,300 years ago. Alexander Gusev, a senior researcher from Russia's Centre for the Arctic Studies, said: "The mummified remains were found lying next to each other, buried strictly along a north to south line."

Archeologists say the adult's cocoon is some 5ft 7 inches in length, suggesting the male or female inside was unusually tall for the period.

Experts from Russia and South Korea will now carefully open the burial cocoon at a laboratory in Tyumen to determine the age and sex of the copper clad medieval polar region dweller, as well as the type of fur used to warm the dead on the way to their next life.

The team will use computer tomography to look at the remains within their burial cocoons, including any artifacts within them. They will also study the DNA of the mummies and carry out histological (microscopic anatomy) and parasitological analysis.

Results from the latest field studies will be presented in November at a conference in Salekhard covering archaeology in the Arctic. 


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Aztec Tower of Human Skulls

On early July 2017, a tower of human skulls unearthed beneath the heart of Mexico City has raised new questions about the culture of sacrifice in the Aztec Empire after crania of women and children surfaced among the hundreds embedded in the forbidding structure. Archaeologists have found more than 650 skulls caked in lime and thousands of fragments in the cylindrical edifice near the site of the Templo Mayor, one of the main temples in the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, which later became Mexico City.

Tales of the tower of skulls which struck fear into the hearts of Spanish conquistadors have been passed down through the generations in Mexico.

The structure is believed to be part of the Huey Tzompantli, a rack of bones which became the stuff of legend among Spanish conquistadores as they colonised Mexico. Their writings mentioned a tower of skulls.

For the next 500 years, the skulls lay undisturbed underneath what was once the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, but is now Mexico City. Until, a group of archaeologists began the painstaking work of uncovering their secrets two years ago.

What they found has shocked them, because in among the skulls of the young men are those of women and children - bringing into question everything historians thought they knew.

Andres de Tapia, a Spanish soldier who fought with Cortes in the 1521 conquest of Mexico, almost certainly recorded the structure, archaeologist Raul Barrera told Reuters. De Tapia wrote that there were thousands of skulls, and researchers believe they will find more as the excavation continues.

Its base has yet to be uncovered, and it is thought many more skulls will be found.


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Mystery of The Golden Spectre of Goblin Hill

One of the most famous ghost stories from wales is that of the Golden Spectre of Golden Hill. Its fame due largely to the fact that the ghost is authenticated not just by witness testimony but also by a real, solid artefact which survives today, and which just happens to be one of the prized possesions of the British Museum. Goblin Hill, or to give it its correct Welsh name Bryn yr Ellyllon, rises to the east of Mold in an area of the town called Pentre.

On the left side of the hill, as one leaves Mold, a stone plaque has been fixed to a wall, commemorating an important archaeological discovery. Near the plaque there was once a prominent mound called the Tomen. Prior to the opening of the ancient grave, the area around the Tomen was haunted by a ghost called the Brenin yr Allt, or King of the Hillside. He was described as taking the appearance of a man of huge stature - a man who was seen to be 'glittering and shining in gold'. 

The origins and possible meaning behind the Ghost remained a mystery until October 11, 1833, Mr. John Langford, who rented the field, ordered that the mound to be levelled and the stones composing it be taken to fill in a hole by the side of the road. in the base of the mound the labourers came across a cist, or slab-lined grave, and in this grave they uncovered the largest piece of prehistoric goldwork ever found in Europe. The so-called 'Mold Cape' is an exquisitely ornamented sheet of gold which ould have fitted round the shoulders of the Bronze Age chieftain or priest whose crumbling bones were interred here. Initially its value wasn't recognised, and it was thrown to one side. When someone noticed it was made of gold, however, something of a free-for-all took place and chunks of it were ripped off, and taken away as souvenirs, the result being that it survives today in a sadly mutilated form.

John Langford was well aware of the stories of the Golden Spectre and made a point of visiting an old lady named Nancy, who claimed to have seen it fouteen years previously while fetching home her cows one moonlit night. Nancy was delighted to learn that the 'ghost was raised' and her story substantiated.


Haunted Wales: A Guide to Welsh Ghostlore written by Richard Holland

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The Mysterious Shadow People

Shadow people are a very common visual hallucination for humans to have. They usually appear as a result of sleep deprivation, psychosis (especially stimulant psychosis), delirium, psychoactive substances, or sleep paralysis. During this experience, the subject perceives a patch of shadow in their peripheral vision or focused visual field to be a living, autonomous figure. This figure can be either humanoid or animal-like in appearance. A number of religions, legends, and belief systems describe shadowy spiritual beings or supernatural entities such as shades of the underworld, and various shadowy creatures have long been a staple of folklore and ghost stories.

Shadow people may converse with the person experiencing them or they may converse amongst each other - sometimes talking about the person going through the experience.

A very common example is like this from a woman named Tammy from North Dakota: 

‘About four years ago, I was renting the top half of an older house in North Dakota. I was in a deep sleep when I woke up screaming bloody murder. Over me, was a shadow person, hovering, hanging onto my wrist, trying to pull me out of my bed toward the ceiling. My husband had stayed up late and ran into the room scared by the screaming. What he saw was me, hysterical sitting halfway up in bed, with my left arm in the air like someone was pulling me. While he did not see a shadow person, he knew it wasn’t just a bad dream as I’ve never woke up screaming hysterically. I did not see a face, just a dark shape of what appeared to be a man. I felt sick to my stomach and a deep feeling of terror.

The next day, after a sleepless night, I found my gold medallion necklace in the bed, one side had Jesus and the other side was the Virgin Mary. What was odd was the clasp (which was tiny and hard to get on or off) was still closed and the chain was too short to pull over my head in my sleep. I don’t ever take my necklace off.

This confirmed in my mind that this experience was not just a hypnogogia theory, where a person is part way between sleep and waking, where you are conscious and in a dream like state and perceive images from subconscious that experience both visual hallucinations and a feeling of dread. While that theory may sound like a possibility in the scientific aspect, I can’t let go of the feeling that it was real, and how did the necklace get off my neck withthe clasp still hooked?

I still continue to see shadow people off and on, as soon as I turn off the light, before I am even asleep but I have not had any other physical experiences with them since.’It seems they typically come at night and often at the point of falling asleep or they are there standing over the victim as they wake, and although they very seldom cause any physical harm they nearly always cause absolute fear and some have theorised that they might be some sort of psychic vampire, feeding off of the fear of their victims.'

In 1974 in the West Yorkshire town of Pontefract in the United Kingdom, the Pritchard family began to experience what would become one of the best-known poltergeist events in the country and one that was immortalized in the movie When The Lights Go Out.

Another example of shadow beings and poltergeist is from a woman going by the name of “Karen” who says:

‘The night before my experience, I had been the target of poltergeist activity. I don’t mean the mischievous kind of poltergeist, the presence in my room was downright evil. That’s another story, but I do believe the events were related. The night I had my experience, I went out to the bathroom (this was in the middle of the night, around one or two am). As I walked into the kitchen (the bathroom is connected to the kitchen in my house, go figure), I was still jumpy because of the previous night. Therefore, I turned on every light on my way to the bathroom. When I walked into the kitchen and reached for the light, a shadow oozed out of the sink. I told myself it was just my

imagination until it turned around and came towards me. There were glowing red eyes glaring at me from the area the face should have been! The feeling I got was a definite presence of evil (again, like the night before). I screamed and ran out of the room, then spent the rest of the night in my parents’ room on the floor (I’m not ashamed to admit it, even if I was twenty at the time).’

Shadow people simply seem trapped in their former state and do not appear to advance in age, intellect, or in any aspect of their condition until they choose to turn to loved ones who are with them, who are attempting to bring them forward unto the light and life.


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